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Recently, on EW.com, they had a post about TV shows the readers are "breaking up with". So here's mine.

Dear Heroes,
     I used to totally dig you, around season One. Then Season Two came, and you sucked. This season, now, sucks, and even though I love Zachary Quinto and Kristen Bell (and the SPOILER about the two of them) thrills me to pieces, you are now on probation. I'm not waiting till season Four for you to get good again. Kill some people off already and move on with the plot line! 

Love much, Becky

Dear Fringe,
      Well, it was a good idea!

Dear Pushing Daises, 
     I can't believe I never watched you before! And, even though this week's episode was only okay, you're still the best thing on TV for me right now while I wait for 2009...and the return of....

LOST! So, by now, you've all seen the Season Five promo, right? Time to discuss! 


Well I don't watch: Heroes, Fringe or Pushing Daises so all I have to comment on is Lost!
The promo makes me want to see the new season SO badly, just showing snipits of everyone has got me extremely intrigued. But there was barely any Sawyer, no Claire & no Jin! I just want it to be 2009 already so I can know what's going on with my favs
Your icon wins at life. That's all.

So did I! We saw Sawyer for a snippet, so I guess we have to be happy with that, but I know! No Jin or Claire( I am worried, a little). I can't wait until January!
I'll have to go back & watch the other seasons to try to keep my mind off of the seemingly neverending wait in front of us!
oh my god! Your icon- again!

I think I'll have to do the same- and keep going on "Pushing Daisies".

2009- new JDepp movie!
I want to see Pushing Daises but it's still yet to come on TV here. They were advertising it at the start of the year & now they've seemingly forgotten about it, what a bummer.
lmao, which one? I know of two he's already done & three he's going to do. It's going to be a very exciting year if they all get finished at the same time
Oh, that is sad. It's such a different show; funny, sweet, strange, sad- and a lot more adjectives.

I was thinking of "Public Enemies", but I'm Really- REALLY- excited to see what they do with "Alice in Wonderland".
ZOMG I want to see Public Enemies so badly, is it 2009 yet? I really want it to be 2009 so then all the new Johnny movies will be closer to release & of course, for new Lost
Yes, I definitely prefer S1 of Heroes!

My guess is that Jin and Claire were deliberately kept out of the promo to keep people guessing about whether they're still alive. (Well, I know what I think about Jin, but that's in my fic "When Jin Met Sun". I did hear a rumour about Claire not having much of a role though.
Oh God, so do I; this season is killing me.

Maybe; I hope so. I keep hoping that somehow, magically, hopefully, Jin lived. Because....no, no because. He did. And I heard Claire is leaving for the next two seasons!

If so, I guess that would be one answer; though not a good one!
I broke up with Heroes last year and the bad reviews on my flist make me glad I did not rebound. I never tried Fringe. I enjoy Pushing Daisies. It's such a morbid yet sunny show!

I enjoyed the new Lost promo! Yay! Aaron speaks!
Yay! Aaron's older!

Good for you. I'm debating whether it's worth giving it a shot or not tomorrow night. Eeh.

Fringe is....yeah. One of those shows that could have/ should have been great, but just...isn't.

Pushing Daisies is my latest obsession, I have to say. It's so sweet, but really, deeply odd. I love it!
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