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Bienvenidos a mi dia

So, welcome to my day:

Wake up. Get rear-ended on my way to school. First period- professor tells me that- because apparently NO ONE in either my old high school or my sister's can keep paperwork- I should drop the course. Which I'm passing. With an A. Ugh.

Have two creepy guys flirt with you, get stood up by two "Friends", come home to parents fighting. Get in trouble at work for calling out because of said crappy day- sickness. Depression.

Fun stuff like that all leads to.....

In progress fics, including one HOUSE FIC! Which I'm excited about because I've missed House like heck. And it also leads to reading- right now I'm reading Snow Angels by Stewart O' Nan and it's really very good. I also have Northanger Abbey and other Austen on my to-read list.

And all this leads me to this clip, from my other favorite show EVAR besides...you know, Lost, House, Buffy, everything: Scrubs! Enjoy and I hope you all have had a fantastic day!


Bad days all round it seems. I love early Scrubs but I don't follow it anymore.
Ew...bad days are no good for anyone, especially when they're plural, for many people!

I love Scrubs- re-runs, new ones, anything- it's just a show that makes me happy. Like Pushing Daisies!
down the rabbit hole

February 2009

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